Turkey Point Llewellin Setters

​Pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters

Current kennel is 40 x 60 poured cement with metal enclosure 2400 sq. ft. With nine chainlink runs . The enclosure provides dogs protection from the elements , winter rains and summer heat. Completed May 17 , 2015

Our large 24 x 6 ft runs provide our dogs ample room.They are each set up with Dog den 2 insulated dog houses to keep dogs warm in the colder months. Kennel is equipped with overhead ceiling fans for the hot days of summer. Overhead lighting and electrical outlets are also installed. Kennel decking and Kuranda aluminum dog beds to enable dogs a place to rest. 25 lb. auto dog feeders and Kennel Gear stainless dog pails with Hudson auto fill valves and Nelson water pail heaters provide dogs with fresh food and water. We also have a water hydrant installed to provide fresh water and water for kennel to be washed and cleaned daily.

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