​Female Puppy

​      Green

Litter born April 21, 2016. One male and two females. Chestnut Beltons and Chestnut eye patch. All have been sold.

​Litter Born April 17, 2017

​Litter Born May 17, 2015

Litter Born June 27, 2013


We are accepting reservations for future litters. Please fill out puppy request form located on the documents page and you will be added to reservation list in order of deposits received.

Costs and Terms:

Deposits are $100.00 and are nonrefundable but are transferable to another litter. Your deposit holds your pick of a pup in order of deposits received. Payment in full is due at time of delivery. Current puppy prices are $1000.00 for female puppies and $900.00 for male puppies. 

Flying your Puppy:

We have had excellent results flying puppies. It is a huge part of the airline business and they take very good care of the puppies. Puppies can fly at 8 weeks of age. We use Delta Airlines. We can ship puppies to any destination Delta Airlines fly's out of Atlanta. Total fee for flying your pup will be $ 400.00 this includes flight cost, health certificate fee, cost of crate and transportation to Atlanta Airport. We offer this service for our customers convenience and is offered at or below actual cost.

Pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setter puppies for sale. Dam is working on Amateur Champion title. Sire is working on NSTRA Amateur Champion title. These dogs are out of Hank's lineage, star of OLN's hunting with Hank TV show. Both dogs hunted on wild and released birds also run in NSTRA field trials. Excellent hunting dogs as well as great family companions. Color chestnut belton a rarer coloration. Health exam, dew claws removed, Avid micro chip, ear tattoo, wormed as well as all vaccinations up to date at time of delivery administered by a licensed veterinarian. At six weeks of age started on heartgard heartworm medication. Whelped April 17, 2017 all have been sold.



​Female Puppy



                                   General Description

​Female Puppy 

​Male Puppy

​Litter Born June 14, 2014

​Llewellin Setters are a pure breed descendant of the English Setter dog. The Llewellin Setter puppy is dominantly white at birth. As the puppy coat of a Llewellin Setter pup sheds they develop small colored spots, called ticking. The ticking will be the same color as the major patches, black, tan, orange or chestnut. Llewellin Setters have a medium coat that is quite silky. They have feathering on the legs, chest, ears and tail. The coat can be flat or wavy. Their coats serve as a good insulator against cold weather. They do quite well in the heat as well. 

   Color chestnut belton 

Puppies at 3 weeks of age

Puppies at 6 weeks of age 

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​Ideal Environment

Due to the fact that the Llewellin Setter was bred for hunting, they do require time for running and playing. They also require human interacton. They do well living indoors and playing and working outside. 


​Llewellin Setter Puppies For Sale

New litter whelped October 8 , 2018 5 males and 4 females available December 3 , 2018


​22-24 inches


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Litter Born April 21, 2016 

​Male Puppy

​    Brown

      Male Puppy


Females 40-45 lbs. Males 50-55 lbs.  

​Male Puppy     Purple 

​Shipping Charge

The Llewellin Descends directly from the longest existing breed of Setters in the world. The Laverack base of the breed goes back to the 1500's. By the early 1900's in the USA there were no lines of English Setters that did not have the Llewellin bred into them. The Llewellin blood proved to be so superior in competition that there were no strains of Native or English Setters left pure. The Llewellin was recognized as a breed on its own. All other strains were recognized as English Setters. From the beginning a Llewellin and English Setter bred together resulted in the registration of pups as English Setters. For years the Llewellin was the dominate dog in competitions. Truly their sense of smell is the most important factor in their breeding. Their single minded ability to find gamebirds is as good today as it was over one hundred years ago. 

​Litter born June 27, 2013. Two males and five females. Chestnut Beltons and chestnut eye patch. All have been sold.

Litter born June 14, 2014. Six males and one female. Chestnut Beltons. All have been sold. 

​The medium to long and silky coat on Llewellin Setters would seem to indicate that they require a lot of maintenance, but this is not the case. Llewellin Setters do shed, but when they are given plenty of time to run outdoors they will easily shed out on their own. Combing a couple times per week will keep the coat in good condition. Shampooing and bathing may be necessary when the coat becomes dirty. When cared for properly and given regular check-ups, the Llewellin Setter will have an average life span of ten to twelve years.  

​          Character

​Litter Born October 8 , 2018

Litter born May 17, 2015. Four males and four females. Chestnut Beltons and Chestnut eye patch. All have been sold.  

​Male Puppy


  Turkey Point Llewellin Setters


Litter born April 17, 2017. Four males and One female. Chestnut Beltons and chestnut eye patch. All have been sold.

​Puppies 5 weeks old

​Llewellin Setters possess a great deal of stamina, strength and grace. They have a natural desire to please their owners both at home as well as while working in the field. These are working dogs, but also make great companions. Their gentle, affectionate and enthusiastic nature makes them an ideal dog for families. They have a tendency to bond with their owners quickly and will frequently seek out their owners for affection and attention. Do to their gentle and affectionate nature, it is imperative that they be trained gently and not be exposed to harsh treatment. This is a dog that does require companionship with humans on a regular basis. They tend to get along with children as well as other pets in the family. They are a curious breed and love chasing bugs and even occasionally eating one. These dogs love water and enjoy retrieving. Being strong swimmers, water play is a favorite.       

​Pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters

​Male Puppy         Tan

Litter born October 8 , 2018. Five males and Four females . Chestnut Beltons and chestnut eye patch.

​Minus Deposit

​Llewellin Setter Information

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