April 20, 2017 

Pictures of Duke and Dash hunting . They have done really well finding birds. pointing and backing .

                            Thank You 

            February 25, 2014        

Missy is doing very well. She loves to hunt and has lots of desire. She's going   to be a swell bird dog.  

                Thank You 

           James McHargue                              

​Missy in her new home in Florida

James and son Jason on Pup Missy and Jason's

​             Dash pointing his first quail at 4 months

​Dashing George Bondhu in his new home in Indiana

                       Oct 28, 2017 ​

Brad, just letting you know pup is doing great. He is finding, pointing and holding grouse already. He is naturally backing my old dogs too. Ive killed 3 grouse,two woodcock and a pheasant off his points. He is going to be a good one! 

                     Thanks Bryan 

​           November 28,2015

Gus is coming along, very natural dog. He wants to retrieve and hold point. Not a lot of "training" more of just getting birds under his belt. I think he's going to make a solid dog. Would love to have a pen full just like him! If half your pups turn out like him, you are doing things right.


​ole Gus has another one nailed down

Dashing Conrad Bondhu in his new home in Alabama

            November 11, 2013

I am running Dash on a check cord during yard training. He comes to a whistle or his name and kennels almost on command. He has not whimpered at all at night. I will be taking him to the country tomorrow to let him run. He slept on my lap for an hour yesterday evening and never moved. I think he's going to be swell. 

                      Gates Shaw 

​Dr. Kevin Powers and Daughter Lucy with new pup 

  Turkey Point Llewellin Setters

​Duke and Dash in their home in North Carolina

Nina in her new home in Georgia

​Miami Florida​

Ginny loves ole Blue

Ginny at 6 months pointing birds

​        September 25, 2014                                                   Charlie is doing great! Sweet pup, great with the kids. His first vet appt went very well. Enjoying him so much. Thanks, he's a fantastic puppy!                                                                                         Karl Arndt  

​Missy pointing her first Quail at 7 months

              October 15, 2013

George is doing well and has accepted us as his family and home. George likes to go for walks in the woods. He's a high energy dog but very sweet. George is now 13 weeks old and likes his crate and is almost house broke. He's brave and agile. Good qualities in a bird dog athlete.

                 Best Wishes  

                Kevin Powers               

Ginny loaded up in hunting buggy 

Willow in her new home in Reno Nevada

​in her new home in Alabama

Mozzi in his new home in Florida

                August 15, 2014                                                 Mozzi is doing great and almost house trained after just 2 weeks. We get many compliments and not only are we truly enjoying him our Golden Retriever loves him also.                                                                                                    Traci & Chris   

​first quail hunt with four nice quail

               August 29, 2016

Ginny has been a great puppy. Stays loaded up in the hunting buggy ready to go. Just like you said, she's half cat. She can get up on anything and has no fear. Everyone loves Ginny.


                    Gary White  

​Benny in his new Home in 

​Earl in his new Home in Ohio​

Gus in is new home in Alabama

                                   Jan 14, 2019

Nina is doing great! We have had a few sessions with a dog trainer and she is in love with Nina...says she is a good learner and able to calm herself. She is growing so fast! Already 20 pounds. We are in love.

   Thank You Jane Boutwell  

Gus pointing his first time on birds at 6 months

         ​Pointing and Backing at 2 years

Charlie in his new home in Alabama

​Pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters

                    July 19, 2016

Pups are doing great, very smart, curious, clever but really sensible. When they're in the garage they taught themselves in about 2 days to use the doggy door and go potty out in the yard. They sleep in the living room in wire crates with out making a sound and no acidents. Willow darker by the day, hard to believe she was born white! Willow is a beauty. 

      Thanks Maryann Turnbull


                      July 24, 2017

Puppy is doing great he's smart and gets along perfect with our beagle. He's our joy.

He's beautiful , appreciate all your help.

     Thank You Joseph & Anna       

​Earl with his First Pheasants First hunting Season

First Hunting Season First Ruffed Grouse​

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