​Drenda King

                  Mr.Edward Laverack

​                            1800-1877

The author of THE TWENTIETH CENTURY DOG, in 1904, confirms that Mr. Laverack was, "The greatest authority on the Setter." He was renowned for his knowledge of the Setter and for his breeding program. Mr. Edward Laverack's book THE SETTER, written in 1872, was the first authentic record of Setters. The complete title of his book is THE SETTER WITH NOTICES OF THE MOST EMINENT BREEDS NOW EXTANT. His was the first written record of any breeds given at the time of their existence.      

of (Hunting with Hank) and (Dash in the Uplands)TV shows​

  Hank's Dashing Bondhu

​Dec 10, 2001-Jul 18, 2013

Breeder Al King from King Llewellin Kennels in Enola,

Arkansas. Dash is son of 

Henry Princeof Pause.

Dash had two shows on

OLN, "Dash in the Uplands"

and "Upland Days with

Dash & Dez". 

​           Dez Young

Developed the idea for

"​Hunting with Hank" in 1995. Produced a pilot episode, composed and recorded the music theme

and lyrics, negotiated the

first agreement with OLN

and began taping shows

in 1996. Volume 1 began

​airing in 1997.

   Henry Princeof Pause

​Nov 27, 1992-Aug 1, 2004

Breeder Al King from King

Llewellin Kennels in Enola,

Arkansas. Hank was the 

​star of the TV show "Hunting with Hank" on OLN. After the sixth season

of shows on OLN, Hank was retired from the rigors of television. 



Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters Hank and Dash


​                          Dash II

"Fd.Ch. Ch. Armstrong's Dash II" was purchased by Mr. Llewellin in 1878 for  1,200 pounds the highest price ever paid for any setter at the time. He was bred to "Fd.Ch. Ch. Countess Bear" and produced the great "Fd.Ch. Ch. Dashing Bondhu" the beginning of Llewellin's personal "Dashing Bondhu" strain which he personally developed for over 47 plus years.

​                          Gladstone

         August 7, 1876 - November 20,1890

Llewellin's Dan was a dog of great prepotency and when he was crossed with the flighty Laverack bitches he seemed to add just what was needed and his offspring were dog's of stearling qualities.

The finest example of his offspring was the great and notable Gladstone, whelped in 1876, Gladstone is considered to be the fountain head of the six pillars of the American Llewellins.   

"Llewellins's breakthrough occured when he purchased two dogs, Dan and Dick, while attending a field trial at Shewbury in 1871. Dan and Dick were sons of a dog named Duke, owned by Barclay Field, and a Bitch named Rhoebe (Rhoebe's dam was half Gordon and half South Esk, a now extinct breed), owned by Thomas Statter, both of these dogs were out of northern England stock noted for outstanding field work. Llewellin bred Dan and Dick to his Laverack females, and a new era in bird dog history was begun."  

"The Duke, Rhoebe and Laverack crossing produced exactly what Llewellin was looking for, and the offspring quickly attracted the notice of sportsmen in both England and North America. Dan proved to be especially preponent, and it was he who sired Gladstone, one of the most important Llewellins of all time. Gladstone quickly established himself as a top field performer and sire. His achievements contributed greatly to the surge of popularity the Llewellins were soon to enjoy."

"Count Noble, another great Llewellin furthered the recognition begun by Gladstone and surpassed Gladstone's record for siring winning progency. When mated to Gladstone's daughters, Count Noble produced dogs that swept the field trial circuit, firmly fixing in sportsmen's minds the notion that the Llewellins were the "ones to beat" in trial competition. One of Count Noble's sons, Count Gladstone IV, won the inaugural National Bird Dog Championship, run at West Point, Mississippi in 1896."  


​Setter Gun Dog Training

​                            Count Noble

           August 1, 1879 - January 20, 1891 

Count Noble was a male Llewellin Setter. He was

so well known that when he died in 1891, the New York Times ran an obituary. He was popularly known as the $10,000 hunting dog. He was described as a "national symbol" of what was a great bird dog.   

​                   Richard Llewellin Purcell

                            1840 -1925        

Llewellin had a great passion for bird shooting and gun dogs and owned and rented shooting moors throughout the British Isles. It was here that he tested and developed his amazing own personal breed of Setters known as the Dashing Bondhu's which became a huge sensation in his own lifetime.

                      Alfred O. King Sr.

         March 21, 1945 - October 14, 2011

Al and Drenda King need to be given full credit 

for keeping the Dashing Bondhu line of the Llewellin Setter breed pure. If not for Al and Drenda King and their breeding program there would not be the bloodline today.


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Hankjr on Point

D​ashes on Point

Dashes Backing

  Turkey Point Llewellin Setters

                           Countess Bear                           Was bred to "Fd.Ch. Ch. Armstrong's Dash II" to produce the great "Fd.Ch. Ch. Dashing Bondhu" the Beginning of Llewellin's personal "Dashing Bondhu" strain he personally bred for 47 plus years.  

​Alabama Region Open A Field 1st

Dashes Princessof Pause 

Shoot - To - Retrieve

Phil & Jane Fortner

.​Alfred King

​Earl on Point

​3rd Runnerup Cobb

1st Runnerup Sport​

​Alabama Region Champion Sugar

​to Wesley Downs

​President presenting Champion Plaque 

Bradley Davidson Alabama Regional

day brace at Regionals

Come join us in Heflin Alabama for our Alabama Region Field Trials. Map to field below.

Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setter History



​Alabama Region NSTRA Field Trials

Hankjr Princeof Pause running second 

​Pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters

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